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Introducing Uhapo Geriatric Cancer Care Packages: Comprehensive Support for Holistic Well-being

Unlock Your Wellness Journey with Uhapo: Tailored Plans for Every Need

Your First Step to Wellness:

  • 1 Month Free Services
  • History/Evaluation: Understand your unique needs.
  • Recommendations: Tailored suggestions for your well-being.
  • Navigation Support: Assistance for any queries or concerns.
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Nurturing Your Health Monthly/Quarterly

  • Charged at ₹ 999/Month
  • Detailed History/Evaluation: Dive deeper into your health profile.
  • Recommendations: Ongoing guidance for optimized wellness.
  • Navigation Support: Always here to help.
  • 1 Physical Counsellor Visit/Month: Personalized guidance and support.
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Elevate Your Wellness Journey

  • Charged at ₹2999/Month
  • Detailed History/Evaluation: Comprehensive analysis for precise recommendations.
  • Recommendations: Expert advice for continuous improvement.
  • Navigation Support: Seamless assistance for a worry-free experience.
  • 2 Physical Counsellor Visits/Month: Increased support for a proactive approach.
  • Inclusion in Physical Activities: Join specially curated sessions for overall well-being.
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Your Personalized Wellness Oasis:

  • Charged at ₹4999/Month
  • Detailed History/Evaluation: In-depth understanding for targeted care.
  • Recommendations: Customized roadmap for your health goals.
  • Navigation Support: Guiding you every step of the way.
  • 1 Physical Counsellor Visit/Week: Regular check-ins for ongoing support.
  • Inclusion in Physical Activities: Regular engagement for a dynamic lifestyle.
  • Grooming Services Weekly: A pampering session to boost your spirits.
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Discover Uhapo Geriatric Cancer  Care Packages: Nurturing Health, Enriching Lives

As we gracefully age, facing the challenges of cancer can be a daunting journey. At Uhapo, we’ve curated specialized packages to address the major hurdles confronted by our beloved seniors with cancer.

Physical Well-being:

1. Mobility:

  • Virtual Exercise Classes: Tailored for seniors’ needs.
  • Personalized Physiotherapy: Enhance mobility for an active lifestyle.
  • Falls Prevention Strategies: Safeguard against unexpected tumbles.

2. Grooming:

  • Regular In-home Grooming Sessions: Pamper yourself with care.
  • Specially Curated Grooming Products: Gentle solutions for delicate needs.

3. Nutrition:

  • Nutritional Counseling: Tailored dietary plans for cancer patients.
  • Meal Delivery Service: Convenient access to nourishing meals.

4. Pain Management:

  • Virtual Pain Management Sessions: Expert guidance for comfort.
  • Non-Invasive Pain Relief Products: Gentle solutions for chronic pain.

Emotional Support:

1. Companionship:

  • Virtual Companions: Stay connected with engaging interactions.
  • In-person Companionship: Genuine connections to brighten your days.

2. Emotional Distress:

  • Virtual Counseling: Professional mental health support.
  • Support Groups: Share experiences with empathetic peers.

3. Spiritual Care:

  • Virtual Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions: Nurture your spirit.
  • Spiritual Counseling: Find solace through your cancer journey.

Social Well-being:

1. Social Network:

  • Virtual Social Events: Connect with a community facing similar challenges.
  • Supportive Communities: Forge lasting connections.

2. Living Arrangement:

  • Home Assistance: Ensure comfort with in-person support.
  • Assisted Living Options: Tailored solutions for peace of mind.

3. Will Planning:

  • Legal Assistance: Support in organizing and updating your will.

Medical Care:

1. Lab Tests:

  • Home Lab Services: Convenient and stress-free testing.
  • Telehealth Consultations: Discuss results with healthcare professionals.

2. Medication Management:

  • Medication Reminders: Ensure timely and organized intake.
  • Medication Delivery: Hassle-free access to prescribed medications.

3. Hearing & Vision:

  • Virtual Audiologist/Optometrist Consultations.
  • Fitted Hearing Aids/Glasses: Tailored solutions for better sensory experiences.

Our Plans:

1. Virtual Services (Basic):

  • Access to virtual support across all categories.
  • Monthly newsletters and updates.

2. Pro:

  • All virtual services included.
  • Selected in-person services based on needs assessment.

3. Premium:

  • Personalized on-ground services tailored to individual requirements.
  • Dedicated Care Coordinator for continuous support.

At Uhapo, we recognize the unique needs of geriatric cancer patients. Our packages are thoughtfully designed to provide holistic support, ensuring your physical well-being, emotional resilience, social connections, and top-notch medical assistance. Choose Uhapo Geriatric Cancer Packages for a compassionate and comprehensive approach to health and happiness in the golden years.

Why Uhapo?

  • Holistic Approach: We address physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Personalized Support: Tailored plans to suit your unique needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Trained professionals dedicated to your wellness journey.
  • Flexibility: Monthly or quarterly plans for your convenience.
  • Join Uhapo and embark on a wellness journey crafted just for you. Because your health deserves nothing less than the best.